Merit Award

This image earned a Merit at the Arizona Professional Photographer’s Print Critique earlier this month. If you have a pet that is “begging” for portraits, I would love to answer the call! Pet portraits make great gifts! 602.628.8019 |

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Shadow: Pet Portraits

Thanks to Goldie who helped me with this session! It is funny how similar pet sessions are to newborn sessions. I think shadow did a great job modeling, though. He enjoyed it most of the time. Watch for a few images that show just how fed up he got at a couple of points…

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2013 State Outdoor Archery Tournament – Day One

The archers had quite a challenge battling the winds and the afternoon heat at Ben Avery Shooting Facility today. They did an amazing job! We are looking for another great day tomorrow. Hopefully, the wind will be more of a cooling breeze than an almost blow the printer off the table strength.

Great job to everyone who persevered and especially to the ones who enjoyed their first tournament today! I just love seeing the smiles on their faces between ends and the concentration when they are shooting.

Enjoy the video…

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Funky Fun Family Portraits

We had a blast working together! Call today to schedule your family portrait or senior portraits before it gets too hot.

602.628.8019 or

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Spring Break 2013

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Class of 2013

She’s beautiful, talented, fun and smart. She’s going to make a positive impact on our world!

Click the Gear icon under the video to increase the quality. This looks best in high definition.

I’m thinking of planning a trip to Michigan during the last week of March (starting March 24). Book now if you want your senior portraits or family portraits in the Detroit area during that week. I need to book at least three sessions to make the trip worthwhile from a business perspective. Call, text or email today – 602.628.8019 or

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Beautiful Baby Girl

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed working with this beautiful baby girl and her wonderful parents.

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Desert Sky Archery

This was one of the last weeks we were practicing at Arizona Archery Club. The team has since moved to Ben Avery Shooting Range. The kids (and their parents) are learning a lot and becoming better archers. Thanks to Rick for everything he does to support this organization!

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New Archers

It doesn’t get any better than this! These kids had a ton of fun learning archery. It was great to be a part of it.

Thanks to the Arizona Archery Club family for helping these kids smile!

Images and Slideshow: byMelinda Images & Design | 602.628.8019 |

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Model Perfect

She is ready to take on the world… especially with her sidekicks Harley and Marco!

Call, text or email today to schedule your portrait session. 602.628.8019 |

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